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Looking down stairs Destruction
The construction project took approximately three months to complete. I worked most evenings and weekends on the project, buying most of what I needed as I went. I don't have a total of what it cost, though I remember that is twice what I had expected - just like every project I do - I don't know if that is poor planning or I end up doing more than I expect.

We first started with the stairway. The original stairs were green (UGLY!) - this required no thought to replace and so we decided on a wood look to go with the main floor of the house. Since the stairway opened equally to both sides of the basement, it made a natural side wall to the theater as well as the theater entrance. Also, all of the original latice work was removed that ran down the stairs.
Entrance to theater
Before to much work was done, I had to remove the existing walls and paneling, shown above. The basement was definitely still 1960's, and luckily there wasn't a lot of work done on it which helped speed up the removal process.

The front door entrance along the screen wall can be seen here during early construction.
Under Stairs
Shown to the left is the mess under the stairway. We were able use one existing wall for this project (shown pre-drywall) - notice all of the outlets for speakers and video runs.
Ceiling box work
To the right is the box work surrounding the existing duct-work for the heating/cooling system. Using the lowest point from all duct work, I was able to box in and enclose everything, which required dropping the ceiling in the rear 1/3 of the theater by about 10".
Front Theater wall
The front wall of the theater has outlets at each speaker for both electrical power and speaker power. In addition, extra RG-6 runs were made to the center box for extra sub woofers or a video run (if ever needed).
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