Calibration Results:
Calibrating the D-ILA projector is done with software from Milori software called Dilard. This software, along with the Optimagery sensor, allows for full gray scale and 6500K calibrations which produce amazing results when compared with the original factory settings. The software doesn't just change RGB gain settings in the menu, it alters the gain output voltages, reads and sets new gamma curves etc. which alters the projectors controls.

The Optimagery Sensor used in the calibration is shown above. It is mounted to a metal plate that attaches to the top of a tripod. From there you center sensor in center of the projected image about 8' from the projector lens.

I have been able to nearly double the contrast ratio of my G11 to approximately 800:1, with very pleasing black levels and perfect D65 gray scale from 100IRE to 0IRE.

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